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Default Re: Will everyone PLEASE stop trashing the Nvidia Linux devs?

Just tossing my two bits worth in.

Not long coming from the Windows world (only made the full transition earlier this year) - yes, the nVidia drivers work nicely there. But the reality is, most PCs in the world today run Windows. Not a small most - a BIIIIIG most. Try and buy a laptop without Windows pre-installed; there are the odd few, but not many. Go to any computer shop, or department store or the like, and see how many PCs are running Linux. I don't actually recall seeing a single one to date. If it aint Windows, it's blank and its your problem and its your responsibility. To my mind, where would you be spending the most in your development dollars? Not by a small most, but by a BIIIIIG most.

I agree, the nVidia drivers for Linux need work. But I tell you what - I think the developers are doing just great. How many dollars do you think they have to work with, compared to the Windows developers? I am taking a guess - not very much. But after my experience with an ATI card on one of my machines, when that machine dies the new machine will have an nVidia card.

Linux has, over the last few years, matured to the point that an inveterate Windows user like me can finally say goodbye to Windows - almost. My scanner is totally unsupported - need Windows. My printer is a Canon - for some of my work, I need to switch to Windows to achieve the print-job that I want, but otherwise the open-source drivers work fine. The GIMP is great, but for some of my photo work, I get the best effect from the Canon photo-editing software, which means Windows. A position I hold as a volunteer - I need to get reports from the system via a browser; guess what, reports can only be accessed via Internet Explorer - need Windows.

As Linux becomes more of a mainstream environment, I think we will start to see a shift in dollars toward development of Linux drivers - not just nVidia, but across the board. And maybe our open-source drivers will also have matured to the point that they will give the proprietary drivers a run for their money - because they too have a long way to go. It will be an interesting future. Go, my fellow converts - spread the word.

With greetings

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