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Default Re: Will everyone PLEASE stop trashing the Nvidia Linux devs?

Originally Posted by romane View Post
I agree, the nVidia drivers for Linux need work. But I tell you what - I think the developers are doing just great. How many dollars do you think they have to work with, compared to the Windows developers? I am taking a guess - not very much.
I have only seen mutual agreement among the people on this forum that the individuals providing the drivers and the support here are doing a good to great job.

The point is that there is increasing pressure from an increased number of graphics APIs (including non-3D such as video and assorted bitmapping goo), an increasing number of cards with increasing number of individually controlled units and "gizmos" on the card, features such as SLI that need attention, the need to provide both 64 and 32 bit drivers (including 32 bit userland on 64 bit platforms which causes me big trouble on 18x.x), newish 3D applications that behave noticeably different from the old "mainly-games" application mix (namely Google Earth and 3D desktops) and more that escapes me right now.

NVidia has not reacted to this increased demand by increasing the resources for Linux driver development. And although I don't follow it closely a similar situation applies to the Windows driver people which were too understaffed to do a good job on DX10 while at the same time keeping all the old stuff maintained and updated for new cards, APIs etc.

The call here is to NVidia to invest into appropriate resources to bring the drivers back to a quality level that they had before all hell broke loose.

And in the case of the Linux drivers there is a cheaper alternative, which is documentation release or code release. Or a hybrid licensing where the OpenSource "nv" driver is updated to support non-performance 3D applications and typical desktop use (dualhead etc.).

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