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Originally Posted by Bigbuck View Post
Here is my situation. My uncle and his family have two PC's running XP Home Edition x86. These are both pre-built PC's with OEM keys. I reformatted the laptop with XP Pro using my key because I couldn't get the Home Edition to work properly. The desktop really needs a reformat as it hasn't been taken care of in years. My question is, what version off of Technet would work with the OEM keys? The version I had tried needed the multilicense key to even continue the installation. Preferably I would like the one with SP3, but if that isn't possible, he SP2 one is fine. This is the link I am looking at:
The OEM version is NOT on that Technet page. Every single XP Home version they list says retail. Your OEM will not work with the retail version of Home.

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
For certain PC manufacturers, you need the OEM disc from them. Such manufacturers are Dell, Lenovo, etc. Typically you can't purchase these discs and need to get them through, umm, let's say non-conventional means.

What are the brands of your laptop and desktop?
No you don't.

If you have an OEM key sticker you can always use the OEM disk from Microsoft. If you have a real MS XP Home OEM disk and an XP Home sticker and it still isn't working you are typing the key in wrong.
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