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Default Re: Official Need For Speed Shift thread

Shift's tracks are tracks... much like GRID had. There are several desert, country side, city, and even oval tracks (for you nascar freaks out there). It isn't illegal street racing. It is probably what pro street SHOULD have been.

I am more of a street racing (especialy free roaming) fan, but it isn't stopping me from enjoying shift. There seems to be more then enough tracks here that I never feel like I am overplaying one track or another.

BTW I am officialy a battle race hater. I dunno what it is..but the opponent in battle race is several notches harder then the normal races... and on top of that you are playing in an unfamiliar car. It is nothing more then a lesson in frustration.

Also I would only rate the AI as descent. I saw alot of tweaking mid races that would come accross as very questionable. In one tier 4 invitational, I went from a blundering dead last to 2nd place (new car, I was all over the place until I got familiar with it), and on simular invitational (everyone gets the same car) I constantly saw cars that would out accelerate me (Same car!!), and yet at the same time, later in the race, I would out run them with a higher top speed).

After reading gamespots review, and only agreeing to some of it, I would classify SHIFT as this, an arcade racer that teaches you how to play in a simulation like environment. Car damage is available, and you are taught how to properly take corners with the speed guide system and to manage your fine tune stearing (I complained about GRIDs crappy controls when I used an old digital gamepad, I can only imagin how awful SHIFT is with a digital controller) as straying off the track and slamming into barriers is now only a surefire way to lose. However, many simulation freaks will really hate how rough play like colliding into other cars is not only rewarded, but a very useful tactic when trying to pass people on tight corners.
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