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Default changing back to nvidia- have questions

I have basically had it with AMD/ATI. I currently have two 4870x2 in xfire. One of the reasons I am sick and tired of games not playing properly. More specifically, in about 5-6 games I have wanted to play for a long time, I get graphical tearing. And it doesn't matter if I turn off xfire, turn off video card settings, change catalysts to a different version, it still happens. And I just changed my brother's pc from a sapphire 2900 xt 512mb to a bfg gtx 285 ocx 2gb. And you can guess what the 1st thing I did. I installed 2 of the 5-6 games on his system to compare. And low and behold, no graphical tearing. And I got to see what physx is like. And I like it. And I was able to turn on all of the video card settings to full on the gtx 285 (16qx AA, etc) and I was able to play with full detail. Another problem with my current video cards. There are about 2-3 games that I have to turn off AA and AF on the 4870x2's to play certain games. I will list the games and there problems below. But why I am here is to make the change to 2 gtx 295's in quad sli (I have a asus p6t deluxe mb with a i7-975 3.33ghz cpu, 12gb of ddr-1066 ram, anyhow the mb can do xfire and sli, comes with a sli connector). I know that DX11 is coming but I want to able to play games in a more stable environment now. What do you think? Money isn't a issue here and I already have someone lined up to take the 4870x2's if I go with the 295 gtx's. The only problem is that would like to go with the evga co-op ftw's or the superclocked ones. I can find the superclocked up here in Canada but I can't find the ftw's. For those with the ftw's, are they that much of a performance maker?

here are some of the games and there issues:

gears of war- graphical tearing
damnation- graphical tearing
stalker: shadows of chernobyl- graphical tearing
stalker: clear sky - Graphical tearing
transformers 2: revenge of the fallen- can't use AA or AF or the game colours of the graphics get messed up (and there is no AA or AF in the game settings to compensate)
chronicles of riddick: assault on dark athena - same as transformers 2
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