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Originally Posted by Starscream View Post
Over the course of a year I do several hundred windows loads on customers computers. I have been in business for 5 years now. That's easily 1200+ windows installs. For 3 years before opening Apogee I worked somewhere else with a comparable work load. So I feel I can easily lay claim to over 1500 windows loads. Not once have I had an issue using an OEM key with an OEM disk.

For ALL Dell's, HP's, Compaq's, etc. I use the same XP Home OEM disk with their key. If it's Pro I use the Pro OEM disk.

There is no magic. OEM sticker = OEM disk.

I am willing to bet what you're using aren't OEM OS disks.

When you're installing XP from an OEM disk the product key screen will look like this:

When you're installing XP from a RETAIL disk the product key screen will look like this:

The VAST majority of "OEM" XP iso files that can be downloaded from bit torrent sites are in fact retail versions.

Which of the two does your supposed OEM disk look like during the install?
I didn't do it. I said CaptN had the problem. He had a Home OEM disc and it wouldn't accept the Dell OEM key. I could be wrong, I am just going off what I saw CaptNKILL go through.
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