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Default Re: Announcement: libvdpau is moving to its own package

As a follow-up to this, I'd like to hear from anyone who is using VDPAU packages supplied by their distribution, or possibly even third-party package repositories, in cases where their packaging doesn't support the correct split. the question is:

Are* and* and vpdau*.h package in the same, or in a different package? If they are already packaged separately, and the wrapper/trace/header packages can be installed without installing the NVIDIA driver package, then there is no issue.

If there is an issue, please supply the following information:
* Main URL for the distribution's website
* Main URL of distribution's bug-tracker, or bug-reporting instructions
* Source and binary package names for the VDPAU-related packages
* A list of the files included in each VDPAU-related package (both the package used to run apps, and any separate -dev or -devel package)

Alternatively, if you're involved in other distros, feel free to report the issue directly to them. See the Ubuntu bug for an example:

I believe I have already fully covered the following distributions, in no particular order:
* Fedora
* Ubuntu
* Debian
* Mandriva
* Suse doesn't appear to provide VDPAU packages
* Slackware doesn't appear to provide VDPAU packages.

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