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Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
Not all manufacturers require vendor specific CDs, but some vendors' windows keys will only work with windows CDs marked specifically for that vendor.
This is simply not true.

Both of you have questionable disks at best. Go get a REAL OEM disk (obviously Home if you have Home or Pro if you have Pro) and I guarantee it will work with your keys.

Look at the images I linked earlier, if the product key page during the install is yellow it's a retail cd. If instead it has the certificate of authenticity image it is an OEM disk.

There are DOZENS of torrents and sites that purport to have OEM Xp Home or Pro disks and I'd bet that a good 90% of those are mislabeled and are in fact Retail disks or Volume License media.

The reason that the Dell OEM disk worked just means it was the first OEM disk you actually got your hands on. The fact that it was Dell branded is inconsequential. I'll burn you a Starscream branded OEM disk if you want.
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