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Default Re: Official Need For Speed Shift thread

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
From that video it looks way too easy. Passing everyone on the start is a big flaw with driving games and GRID seems superior in that respect.
Here's a quick race on Hard/Pro mode. It is not easy and takes some getting accustom to since it's not sim nor arcade. I was somewhat unlucky but managed to finish 6th here.

On hard mode some of the faster races seem impossible to win to me at the moment. It does seem the handling of the cars may be setup for quick full lock turns, meaning a game pad setup. I think with good enough wheel and car setup a race like above could be winnable, (as long as the ai doesn't run you off the track). Shift has allot of tuning options and there is much room to too race harden any car. You start with a stock car, I like that, then you take it and you upgrade and tweak it, test, tweak and race. Then you take it online and race. Invite races are different. They do need...must tweak the FF and the AI to some extent maybe a normal mode in between Med & Hard. It most definitely is no rFactor or GTR but it's better than GIRD and way better than Underground 1 & 2, Most Wanted, Carbon ProStreet or Undercover.
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