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Default Re: AION: The tower of eternity

Originally Posted by ChrisRay View Post

I looked it up. its kinda pre selected head start thing. Doesnt look gaurenteed at all. I'm not gonna spend a little bit extra money preordering in some vain hope I'll get to play two days early. Kind of a bad promotion if you ask me. They should just launch ahead of schedule of they think its ready.
If you preorder it is guaranteed. Pre-select that should be today lets you create two characters, so you can take your names. Head-start will let you play two days early if you buy NA version and probably five days for EU, which is kinda stupid if you ask me. Five days is just too much. You can easily hit lvl 30 by the time others get to play. Although 400k ppl already pre-ordered, so it might not be such a big deal in the end.

Btw. you get other bonus items for pre-ordering:
  • Black Cloud Hat (gives boosts to HP, MP, magical resistance, and evasion)
  • Lodas' Amulet (gives a +20% experience boost)
  • Ancient Ring of Wind
The list is even bigger for collectors edition.
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