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Default Re: Official Need For Speed Shift thread

I've found that with my cheapo Logitech Formula Force Ex wheel, i've had to set the wheel up like:

throttle sensitivity - 9% - heavy footed?
brake sensitivity - 35%
steering sensitivity - 25%

I'm still playing around with it though. I wish it was easier and quicker to test the wheel settings. Something like rfactor's setup screen that shows how pedal position / steering wheel position relates to throttle response / wheel angle would be nice.

In terms of driving physics, i'm a big rfactor fan, especially the Porsche Carrera Cup mods (PCC 2005 Germany etc), and the physics in Shift are good, but it definitely feels a bit strange at times. The back end of the car seems to slide out as if all of the cars have 80% of the weight at the back end, even at low speeds and without heavy throttling. Also, it seems like you get more success from throwing the cars into the corners abruptly, rather than trying to gracefully preserve the tires.

Havn't tried the car tuning yet though, so that might help. And I'm still not 100% happy with the wheel setup so maybe I can find a sweet spot with further tweaking.
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