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Default Re: Official Need For Speed Shift thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Those are two of the three main reasons why I absolutely hate Shifts handling. The other one is the FFB.
I tried to mess around with the car setups (just the basic 4 parameters for now) and it's possible to improve the handling of the car but it's still no fun to drive.

Also I don't really like the AI, way too aggressive. Imagine a driving style like that in a real race or online racing sim - you'd be banned or at least penalized instantly.
It definitely feels like they've induced the heavy rear-end movement so that the mainstream crowd gets to experience more "fun" oversteer / drifting like you see in every Top Gear car review.

Throwing the cars into the apex is strange because it feels like the car suddenly acquires more grip when you jarringly turn the wheel.
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