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Default Geforce GTS 250 under load causes beeps/squeals from speakers

I just upgraded from a Radeon 3850 to a GTS 250, and for some reason when my GTS is under any load, from, for example the GPU Folding@Home, my speakers emit a pulsing squealy beep sound about every second.

I have the latest Forceware drivers (190.xx), and my speakers nor soundcard (onboard Realtek Azalia HD) have never had an issue with my Radeon. I don't understand why this is happening - has anyone seen this before? I don't have any IRQ conflicts, so that's ruled out. I literally installed a brand new OCZ 600W PSU with good rails.

Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DS5
BFG 1GB Geforce GTS 250
Onboard Realtek Azalia sound
2x2 GB memory
AMD 4800+ CP

I'm also running Windows 7 7600 RTM 64-bit.

This really sucks because I was hoping to run some distributed computing off my GPU, but the sound is unbearable.
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