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Default Re: Official Need For Speed Shift thread

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
Well, it was obvious it wasn't made for people like you and me. That's why I didn't get it.

Of course they didn't go far enough to please people like Slawter.

Damned if you do...
I agree. My question is, they made plenty of fun Need for Speed games, why did they have to ruin it with all this semi SIM stuff? Need for Speed Shift is definitely NOT a SIM, it's an arcade version of a SIM. So it's actually made for people like you and I but also trying to bring in a new crowd. Probably because of slow sales on some of their games. But to me they'll loose the very people that kept them going and not bring in the crowd they wanted to expand to. I agree with your quote but I want them to stay true to the game they're selling. (Need for Speed)

As for Need for Speed Shift. I did okay in the practice race and won the first race, so I can definitely play the game, it's just not fun like the others. Round and round on a track equals, no fun. Racing through City Streets, blasting down the Hiway and Mountain Roads, equals FUN. Oh... and running from the Cops is totally fun. And dodging barrels is fun too.

I grew up in a small town where they had gravel and dirt roads all around it. I blasted everywhere having the most fun. Then when I got older I couldn't do that anymore but the Need for Speed games allowed me to, and that was GREAT. But now it's just another go around the boring track like 50 others. I HATE IT. I may play it, but I HATE it none the less.

I'm over 60 so I know my vote doesn't count anymore. And I still race with the keyboard like I did when I started playing games when I worked for Apple Computer. To me they seem to be messing up most of the new games.
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