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Default Re: Geforce GTS 250 under load causes beeps/squeals from speakers

Thanks for the response.

It's not from the video-card itself, but rather it's coming from my speakers (the sound), and the video card is directly causing it (in my sound card?) through some unknown channel of interference.

The only way of ridding myself of the sound is to not put any load on the GPU (note: ordinary operating-system load like using a browser or widgets on the desktop don't cause it) by turning off F@H or anything else that seriously taxes it, or to turn off my speakers with the power switch.

I have discovered two new aspects of this problem, which may help in diagnosing what the cause is?:

One: The sound DOES get louder if I manipulate the volume on my speakers themselves, but software volume changes don't affect it (even muting all my sound devices has no effect).

Two: I discovered is that changing the clocks in RivaTuner will actually change the character of the sound. For example, if I underclock my card (normally ~750/1800/2200) to something like 400/100/500 the sound becomes lower in tonal quality and more persistent (it's a continuous beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep rather than beep..beep..beep).

Any ideas?
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