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Default Re: Official Need For Speed Shift thread

Isn't the game supposed to be predominantly "drift" circuit-style racing? I mean, there's interviews with drift racers for the development of the game, and I could have sworn that this NFS was supposed to be along the lines of this style.

I don't think it's supposed to be a game where you're supposed to "preserve tires" or anything. I haven't played it yet, so I wouldn't know. But I'm assuming the game has the Ridge Racer style as far as drift handling goes.

I'm still downloading the demo, so I guess I can hold off from the purchase until I get a better feel for the game. But from what I've read so far, it seems to be a mixed bag of feelings about this game.

Edit: Freakin Awesome video KrAzYeTy! That racing style is exactly what I was trying to describe. I really love how when you get going fast, the g-force sinks you into the seat more. Conincidently, the first video is in Japanese (where the Drift Kings are) and makes be believe this is exactly what they were trying to achieve in the game.
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