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Default Re: Geforce GTS 250 under load causes beeps/squeals from speakers

It's because you have vsync off in that game/app. the nvidia drivers by default let the app/game decide to turn on/off vsync. most games I've noticed have vsync off by default, which makes sense because when the game dips below 60fps, it cuts the framerate further to run at a multiple of 60hz assuming you have a lcd of 60hz. so what happens the loading screens are running at over 150, 200, or maybe even 300fps or more and there's more load on the graphics card. The squeal is coming from those capacitors on the card. Shoddy circuit design from a $300-400 modern day graphics card. Anything to increase profits I guess. Good article about it.

The squealing could also be from your pet pig or playing "Deliverance" too loud
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