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Originally Posted by seeker View Post
While I'm happy enough with W7, I'm not going to blow the MS trumpets and praise them much, because it is far past due that we get something after all of the years and money spent, mostly for an OS that should have been around long ago.

The updates that most software developers release are for improvements, not just bug fixes that provide bandages rather than cures. Sometimes I feel that some software companys spend more time and effort on creating exploits to their own software, just so they can make an appearance of properly supporting their product.

With the billions of dollars and expertise that MS has, Windows could have been equal to W7 a long time ago.
What you fail to realize is the hardware "a long time ago" would not have ran even Windows 7 all that well.

Actually, I'm assuming your idea of "a long time ago" is the same as mine- though I could be wrong.

If you're implying that Windows 7 could have been out, say when XP was released back in 01... even the best of systems back then would be taxed by Windows7 now days. We didn't even have proper 64-bit processors back then. So we'd still be stuck at a max usable amount of RAM being roughly 3.5Gb.

And if you're referring to any particular Linux distro... far smaller user-base, of which the vast majority of said users are rather experienced and know how to properly trouble shoot their own problems. Only recently has Linux been in any way "user friendly" to a very similar degree as Windows (I'm referring to Ubuntu and Kubuntu here). But before both had issues that would send the average computer-user out on a shooting spree at their local tech-shop.

As big as MS is, they do have limitations. Granted, I'm no programmer. That said, MS is still bound by hardware capabilities of that time, and what they foresee being capable in the future. Just like any company.

Now all this said, I will admit that if Microsoft wanted they could do far better than they are. That's the nature of a monopoly. They have no real reason to. But to claim Windows7 could have been out a long time a go, assuming you're idea of a long time and mine are the same, is a bit of a stretch.
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