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Originally Posted by seeker View Post
I would be far less critical, if Windows had always been better functionally with the hardware available at the time. Obviously, an evolution is required to keep pace in each area of technology, but with the influence that MS could and has exerted on hardware and software manufacturer's...and vice versa, the state of all sectors could have been further along than it is.
I disagree, for the most part. I know MS could have spent more time and money on their OS's to make them more stream-lined and efficient. But that said they seem to design the OS's with future hardware in mind. Which is wise since the OS is expected to last several years (longer in the case of XP). If they targeted the OS for "today's" hardware only, well, wouldn't be much in the way of growth when future technologies came out.

Thus they have to try and find a balance, a common ground. And for the most part, IMO, they do this rather well.

Originally Posted by seeker View Post
No, I'm not comparing to Linux, because while I am a novice in that area, I'm certainly aware of the lack of user friendliness that you mention. Yet, considering the manner of it's origin and lower budget, etc., it makes me wonder what Linux would be now, if it had a level playing field to compete on.
Linux's lack of popularity is widely that communities own fault. First of all, there's more distros than one could possibly count. Secondly, a lot of time support for new comers isn't much more than "RTFM" which tends to drive people away.

Now, I'm not downing Linux by any stretch. Truth be told, as soon as my desktop is back together I'm taking windows off my laptop and throwing the latest of either Kubuntu or Ubuntu on it- haven't decided which yet. Those two distros have come an incredibly long way and they are far easier to use "out of the box". In fact, I could see, give the distros a few more years to further mature, my parents using either distro with ease- and they are sincere novices even when it comes to windows.

But, that is off topic. I agree with you that if MS were to dump more money and time into each release of Windows, they could be better. That said, "good-coding" can only go so far. Remember, when XP first came out 1.5Ghz pentium 4s were pretty awesome, and an AthlonXP 2000+ was pretty incredible, and having more than 1GB of RAM was... unneeded. I highly doubt MS could have gotten Windows 7 to work on such a platform while maintaining the same level of performance a modern PC of that price range would offer, while not significantly cutting their profit margin. And love it or hate it, profit margins is what drives *all* businesses.
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