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Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
I disagree, for the most part. I know MS could have spent more time and money on their OS's to make them more stream-lined and efficient. But that said they seem to design the OS's with future hardware in mind. Which is wise since the OS is expected to last several years (longer in the case of XP). If they targeted the OS for "today's" hardware only, well, wouldn't be much in the way of growth when future technologies came out.

Thus they have to try and find a balance, a common ground. And for the most part, IMO, they do this rather well.
We are not disagreeing as much as you seem to think. I never said anything that should have been construed as meaning that MS shouldn't have designed for the future, only that they should have been designed better for the state of technology at the time. I don't believe that future technology is all that much of a mystery to MS, and current technology of the time certainly wasn't.

I only entered the computer age during the W98 days, and while I'm certain that many of my problems then was due to my own ignorance, I'm equally certain that a very large percentage wasn't. I am of the mindset that when any product, cyberwise or not is defective, that the consumers shouldn't have to pay for entirely new product, which has as many defects as the previous one...just different ones.

Since W7 is reasonably good, it makes me wonder what the next Windows version will offer? Maybe the technology can finally set out on a road that will at least approximate something somewhat akin to what is envisioned in Sci-Fi...not that that would be desirable in all aspects.
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