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Default Re: Official Red Faction Guerilla thread

This game has one of the weirdest two bugs I have ever experienced.

1) It runs at 150% speed on my comp. This is a known issue and is all over the official forum. It is playable, and at first I just thought they sped the game up for mouse aim PC users, but no... glitch. They are working on a fix.

2) It runs better in a window... WHA? Haha... I was on the forum and saw an FAQ thread and to the complaint "RFG runs slow when buildings collapse" there was a tip to "try running in a window". I tried it, and I swear my FPS skyrockets 20+ frames in a window... not even joking. I went from 30-35 average to 40-50 average, and no significant drops when destroying things. If I can get that performance windowed, it should be amazing fullscreen when they fix the issue.

So, needless to say, I am waiting on a patch. Weird.
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