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Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
This game has one of the weirdest two bugs I have ever experienced.

1) It runs at 150% speed on my comp. This is a known issue and is all over the official forum. It is playable, and at first I just thought they sped the game up for mouse aim PC users, but no... glitch. They are working on a fix.

2) It runs better in a window... WHA? Haha... I was on the forum and saw an FAQ thread and to the complaint "RFG runs slow when buildings collapse" there was a tip to "try running in a window". I tried it, and I swear my FPS skyrockets 20+ frames in a window... not even joking. I went from 30-35 average to 40-50 average, and no significant drops when destroying things. If I can get that performance windowed, it should be amazing fullscreen when they fix the issue.

So, needless to say, I am waiting on a patch. Weird.

I only have that issue when I got stuck on a mission and used a trainer for a bit. It was super fast with the trainer running. Otherwise, Win7 x64 here with 190.62 and 191.00 and it runs normal speed.

There are drops when a whole building comes down. I've tried Windowed mode and I still get the drops at times. Its like its still calulating the physics from all the stuff even after its collapsed. Like in the physx demos where its calulating physx on the objects even before you interact with them.
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