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Default Re: Official Red Faction Guerilla thread

Other than that crazy sensitivity issue with driving and using cannons (frustrating to aim sometimes because of how sensitive it is) I'm having good fun with the game.

My main issue is with structures, debris and even people disappearing and reappearing if I move the camera around rapidly. For example, say there is a tower in front of you and then you turn the camera around..then turn it back where the tower is. The tower will be gone for a second and then appear out of nowhere. Really odd at times. I'm using the latest ati drivers (cat 9.9), dx10 with all settings on/high, vista 64.

I'll try that windowed trick and see if I get a performance boost.

edit: Playing in windowed mode just about eliminated all the pop in issues. weird how many of the graphic issues are solved by playing in windowed mode. No big deal though I hope they fix it.
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