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Originally Posted by Riptide View Post
I like 7 so far.

Minor annoyance is how it handles remembering window positions. If I open my "vids" folder on the desktop then move that window way over to the right. Then close it. Then open "computer" by double clicking that. The window which opens for "computer" ends up popping up on the screen in the spot I last closed the "vids" window when I had it open.

It's like it always remembers where the last window was open and always opens any new windows in the same location. Doesn't seem like XP or Vista were like that. They could remember separate locations.
I found that annoying at first as well. I've now gotten used to hitting [windows-key]-[right arrow] on the initial window and then [windows-key]-[left arrow] after opening the second window. Makes the window 1/2 the size of the screen and moves it to the side of the screen corresponding to the arrow.


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