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Default Re: AION: The tower of eternity

The content to lvl 20 is more of a newbie zone. After that, you can choose from different areas to go to. One is PvE only, so you can kill in peace, the other is filled with rifts, which open from time to time for one side or the other and you can either go kill some people or defend against them. Once you hit lvl 25, there's another way to level up and that is through Abyss.

Character customization is done through manastones, godstones and stigmas. It gets better and you have more options with higher level.

So far, I think the launch went really well. I could login after 2 minutes since the announcement of going live, sure all ten channels were crowded, but because I was already pretty familiar with that place it wasn't that hard to get everything done. I think it took me 3 hrs to hit lvl 10, which is not bad at all, considering it normaly takes 2 hrs, if you are alone. By the way, sometime tomorrow we should be able claim our pre-order bonuses, so that will speed things up a little bit more.
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