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Default Re: AION: The tower of eternity

Originally Posted by Vardant View Post
So far, I think the launch went really well. I could login after 2 minutes since the announcement of going live, sure all ten channels were crowded, but because I was already pretty familiar with that place it wasn't that hard to get everything done. I think it took me 3 hrs to hit lvl 10, which is not bad at all, considering it normaly takes 2 hrs, if you are alone. By the way, sometime tomorrow we should be able claim our pre-order bonuses, so that will speed things up a little bit more.

Having never played it before, I didn't have any trouble finding my way around and questing. There was almost no lag at all and aside from some long queues shortly after the launch, the servers were 100% stable. Easily the smoothest and best launch I've ever seen in an MMORPG. The level of polish surprised me too - I know the game has been around for a while in Korea (and wherever else) but the localization was done very well.

This is the only MMORPG since WoW that I would seriously consider renewing my sub for after the initial free month. I have no plans to stop playing WoW though, and I don't know if I'll be up for paying two MMO subs a month. We'll see.
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