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Default Re: AION: The tower of eternity

v3rninater, it isn't going to happen in an online multiplayer game. If you just make stuff to easy to do, with minimal people to do it with, everyone will have everything and no one will keep playing.

Also there is a reason for guilds.. and they are Bads. Bads are the bane of pugging and casual play. The only fix to Bads is by making the game so easy, you win just by showing up.

Wow has done a pretty amazing job over the last 5 years to make a superb leveling experience.. and I would be shocked..SHOCKED it aion had anything like it. Aion will start out with tough edges just like every other MMO, but NCsoft has a ton of experience with MMOs now.

My only issue get your wings at level 10, isn't this going to cheapen alot of the experience? While flying is great in wow, I still feel experiencing the land on foot, then by land mounts, THEN flying is what made it so memorable.
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