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Default Re: Official Need For Speed Shift thread

Originally Posted by MowTin View Post
I blew the dust off LFS and did a few laps using the XR GTR around Westwind (sp?) using the DFP. Then I played the Shift demo. Did some laps around London using the GTR.

Mind you I am not a sophisticated sim racer.

The force feedback in LFS is better but it's a subtle difference. Also spinning out feels more natural in LFS. Other than that I did not experience much difference. You can try it out for yourself using the LFS demo's turbo car.

One ugly mark for Shift is the collisions. Those are very arcadey and feel out of place in this game. You can basically plow through cars without any problems. But if you don't go around crashing into cars you won't notice.

Also the damage model is nearly non-existent. Your car is indestructible. You can dent it up a little but a 150 mph head on collision with a wall won't stop you. There really should be an option for more advanced damage.

This game chokes my old GTS. Had to bring things down to no AA and medium track @ 1900x1080. At those settings it looked good much better than current PC sims but not as good as GT5P on the PS3.

Also the replays aren't as good as GT5 replays.

Except for the collisoin nonsense it's better than Forza/GT5 but not as good as LFS/GTR2/iRacing.
is it really better than GT5 / forza ? i don't know , but having play forza , i would say no , different feeling yes, the grip simulation is not comparable.
but where i totally agree is , this title is not as good as PC standard for "drive" . there are nice track , nice FX , acceptable 3D mesh (not very high quality ! ) , but the physic is defintly too far from what i feel with my old school sim GTR2/rfactor
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