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Default Re: nVidia driver 185.18.36 problems with X

Originally Posted by rnejdl View Post
I'm running a pretty much identical system but mine doesn't see 3.5GB of memory

Mem: 1295M Active, 759M Inact, 247M Wired, 89M Cache, 112M Buf, 539M Free

hw.physmem: 3127939072
hw.usermem: 2868609024

I have this in /boot/loader.conf:


And I am running 185.18.31 instead of .36. Does the x server log anything useful? Have you tried with 2GB of memory or with the older driver?
Thanks for the tip. I am going to try this with the older driver tomorrow. I looked over the logs again and since it seems to crash right before it uses nvidia-auto-select, I tried defining the monitor's parameters directly in my xorg.conf. This resulted in the same problem.

I then moved on to trying out the different drivers in X. The standard nv driver reports that it cannot determine the amount of video ram and causes the X server to crash the same way. The vesa driver works, however this is a suboptimal solution as I am stuck at an 800x600 resolution. I didn't even want to get my hands dirty with nouveau as it seems to be quite buggy. At least I know now that it is the driver causing the issue, and not something else in my laptop or with my X configuration.

I did some digging on the FreeBSD forums and found this thread:
After looking at this guys Xorg.0.log, it appears that he is running the same video card as me, an 8400M GS. This really makes me wonder if this is some bug with this card and the driver. I really don't blame anyone either, since this card is fairly rare, and there are probably not a lot of people who want to run FreeBSD on their Dell M1330's

Maybe nvidia would like to chime in on this one ?

I'll report back tomorrow with the results of trying your config. BTW - What kind of laptop are you running rnejdl?
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