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Default Beta driver and kernel 2.6.31-rt11


i got myself a GeForce 9500GT (PCI express), installed it in my debian based system (intel board, 32bit) and compiled the latest beta driver (190.25) against kernel 2.6.31-rt11 (RT patched). I tried the beta driver because the official release does not compile against 2.6.31.

The 2D performance is really great (compared to the onboard intel IGP) but the 3D performance sucks. Direct rendering is enabled, the driver is using its own AGP, and all seems cool and dandy but yet, glxgears says that the FPS is synchronized to the screen refresh rate (I get ~ 60 FPS).

I usually don't care about glxgears but this number is a few orders of magnitude below what the card can do. I have the same card in another PC and it works beautifully but that's an older driver version and against an older kernel without any RT patch.

Anyway, I am not planning on doing any 3D stuff on this PC but if anyone has some experience as to what could be the problem (sync to vblank does not have any influence on this).
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