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Default Nvidia configure

Good day everyone.

I've finally managed to install the nvidia driver on my redhat 7.3

I changed my /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 according to the README file that came with nvidia driver, first I removed two lines and replaced nv with nvidia.

If I run startx everything starts-up fine but the resolution and color quality isnt great.

I then run Xconfigurator, on the second screen there is a pci probing of my video card, XFree4 driver : nv (should it be nvidia ?)

Next page, monitor probing, I have no idea what Horizontal and Vertical sync range is suppose to be, so I just click ok. (Hor. sync range = 30-96 KHz ver. sync range = 47-150 Hz)

Next screen ask if I want to probe or not, I select probe, the probe returns with an error, cant detect video ram, I click ok and then select 32 MB ram from a menu.

Next I get asked about clockchip, I have no idea what this means ? I just select no clickchip setting.

Next I can select 8 bit color and 1024*735 (or something like that).

The program then trys to start X.... it returns with "problem with X config, go back and edit settings".

I quit the program.

If I run startx it obviously doesnt work.

If I edit /etc/X11/XF86config-4 and remove the two lines and change nv to nvidia and then run startx X works but still not with the correct resolution and color quality.

As you anyone can see Im a novice at Linux, hoping for some input.

Appreciate any response.

Btw, its a GeForce DDR 32MB RAM card Im using.
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