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Default Re: Beta driver and kernel 2.6.31-rt11

Originally Posted by th0rgal View Post
just tried it, it's the same result. 2D great, 3D mega lame. Thanks for your help
It's not nvidia, it's, sorry, you .config

Try vanila kernel + rt11 patch.

1. compile kernel and driver without RT, reboot and work.
2. applied RT patch and my patch, compile, reboot and work.

See my scr. shot, all worked

and benchmark.
Unigine Tropic Demo v.1.2 + linux-2.6.31-rt11 + 190.32
Unigine Tropic Demo v.1.2 + linux- + 190.16
Unigine Tropic Demo v.1.2 + linux-2.6.29 + 180.44
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