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Default Re: Beta driver and kernel 2.6.31-rt11

all right, I got back to vanilla kernel 2.6.31, disabled some more kernel options and reinstalled the official driver release ( and it now works really nice

The amazing thing is that even without the RT patch, I get an outstanding performance at very low latency, there is simply no glitches at all, even with composite effects (under KDE 4.3). I rotate the cube, flip through windows with slide effect, and ardour just works flawless at barely 1ms latency.

This is a real change from the onboard intel IGP which caused me a few xruns from time to time.

Back to nvidia, I am not sure what the problem is with the realtime patch and 3D performance but I will continue with the vanilla kernel for a while and see if I can ignore the RT patch.

I also tried vdpau with mplayer and it is spendid as well

Ah by the way, I have a dual monitor setup, so all the stuff I described takes place in a twinview arrangement.

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