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Default Re: Yorkfield & Wolfdale Overclocking Thread

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
Well, I decided to hold onto my P35 board until PCI-Express 3.0, Sata 6Gbit and USB 3.0 are released... so I got myself a Q9550 SLB8V E0.

I bought it off of a guy from [H] who seems to be able to get them very cheaply. It was only $175 shipped for a brand new CPU in box, guaranteed to be E0.

Right now I'm stress testing and trying to get it stable at 3.6Ghz. Once I get that stable I'll probably leave it for a while and then shoot for 4Ghz or more this weekend.

Its hard to wrap my head around all the strange things this board does with the voltages (they never seem to be what I set them to in the BIOS) but I keep pushing it and it keeps going. If it blue screens, I add some voltage and then its stable.

... maybe I'll just keep doing that until 5Ghz is achieved?

EDIT: So far so good at 424x8.5=3604 @ 1.25v in the BIOS. Running P95 right now and CPU-Z is reporting 1.84v due to the vdroop. This board doesn't have load line calibration (too old) so I'll just have to keep pushing the voltage.

EDIT2: Well it did the blend test for quite a while so I switched to small-ffts and it froze after about 10 minutes. I upped the voltage to 1.3 in the BIOS and during the small ffts test it drops to about 1.22, so we'll see if that makes it more stable. The temps are still fine though. CoreTemp and SpeedFan are reporting 59,56,55,55 for the cores.

EDIT3: Ok, its been over an hour now and its still plugging along with no problems. I closed my door (AC is in the other room) so my temps went up a couple degrees to 61,59,57,56. Not bad at all!

I think with a little time I'll get this thing to 3.8 or even 4. Even with the vdroop.

I ran my E6750 at 1.51v (according to the BIOS) for over 2 years with no stability problems.

I once owned the gigabyte p35 ds3l and was able to do a simple pencil mod which completely eliminated the vdroop issue, you should look into it.

Also you should be able to get 4ghz easy with that chip. My Q9550 is 8+hrs P95 stable at 4ghz with a measly 1.26vc. This is with small FFT's and blend.
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