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Enjoy your card. As for me, I just know more than you and perhaps one day you might realize the realities of Creative. I did my research you do your own, or do you really need someone to hold your hand and show you?

As for listening to my stereo. Umm, my computer is my stereo, it outputs to a amplifier that plays out of speakers in multiple sections of my house. My music is all controlled from my PC.

Like I said before, if Creative is all that you say it is, why do they have to litter trade magazines with their advertisements? Surely a company with such a great reputation and great products shouldn't have to advertise to the extent they do right? Their reasons are obvious just you can't see it. But keep looking through those magazines and count how many TurtleBeach or Hercules sound card full-page ad's you see. Chances are you wont see any. Hercules and TurtleBeach as examples rely on their customers to spread the word about their products, they don't need fullpage ads.

You will never find a site that reviews a Creative card poorly. Review sites don't go deep enough to present you with the important information, they present the obvious. Something you clearly base your opinions on which I am at fault for too, until recently. Also a lot of review sites like Tom's Hardware are not honest sites and likley get paid off for their reviews. I've seen evidence of it time and time again, and someone on this forum has just recently highlighted yet another cheap review/preview by Tom @ Tom's Hardware. Sites have gone down for being exposed for corrupt reviews...Like I said, you will have to dig to get to the nitty gritty.

Creative will never sit in my PC, my friends nor my family's machine. Ever! Deal with it.

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