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Default Re: Yorkfield & Wolfdale Overclocking Thread

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
That isn't necessarily true. From what I've read, the board regulates power spikes that can't be detected by any software. When you turn off this protection, either with LLC or a pencil mod, you're basically allowing voltage spikes to occur without any protection. This just sounds like a bad idea to me.
Well, all I can really say is that I have yet to know of any one who has messed up their mb or cpu by enabling LLC or using the pencil mod. My old p35 board which now belongs to my friend has been going strong for 2yrs now with the mod.

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
Also, this setup seems to be incredibly picky about FSB speeds and memory dividers. I'm having a hell of a time getting this thing stable at anything over 3.6Ghz. Last night I tried using 450Mhz FSB (the same as it was before with my E6750) and it won't post.
Its your board, I had the same issue which is why I sold it and went with a p45.
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