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Default Re: Yorkfield & Wolfdale Overclocking Thread

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
That isn't necessarily true. From what I've read, the board regulates power spikes that can't be detected by any software. When you turn off this protection, either with LLC or a pencil mod, you're basically allowing voltage spikes to occur without any protection. This just sounds like a bad idea to me.

I won't be buying another board any time soon. I just got this CPU to hold me over for another year or so until the new platforms have matured a bit.

As for my memory, I have it set this way because its stable at this speed. Latency and memory bandwidth have so little impact on performance that I generally just shoot for a good CPU overclock that is stable and leave it.

Also, this setup seems to be incredibly picky about FSB speeds and memory dividers. I'm having a hell of a time getting this thing stable at anything over 3.6Ghz. Last night I tried using 450Mhz FSB (the same as it was before with my E6750) and it won't post. I tried dropping the CPU multiplier to 8x so that it was running at 3.6Ghz (which is stable at 424x8.5) and it still wouldn't post.

So, if I set everything exactly as it was with my E6750, it won't post with any CPU multiplier or any vcore. Is there some other setting I should be adjusting? Maybe the CPU has hit some sort of FSB wall? Is there any way to get around that?
Nah LLC wont kill anything if used within reason. My 6600 has always used it and has been oced for well over two years now with no issues. Even on my 9650 I've been using it since February when I got and it hasn't damaged it one bit. I wont say the same for pencil mods; you are better off putting a small adjustable resistor on there instead as you will have far better control over it (I did it on my A64 Epox board back in the day).
As for oc'ing do you have any CPU PLL or CPU/FSB Termination voltage settings? They are the make or break of oc settings imho. As for fsb walls, I hit mine at around 460 and the setting that made everything all better was the Static Tread. Once I bumped it up one notch I hit a whole new level of stability(board was defaulting to 8 and I bumped it to 9). I only wish I had faster ram, my PC8000 is holding me back big time.
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