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Default Re: Yorkfield & Wolfdale Overclocking Thread

These are my settings if you want to go over them. Also from what I've noticed cpu termination, cpu reference and mch reference all seem to to be tied together. Meaning when I change cpu termination voltage, cpu and mch references change. So .888v cpu reference will change to .901v when I bump my cpu termination voltage to 1.36. I do not know the exact formula tbh, I just put together what I could from a bunch of templates and it seems to have worked well while keeping the voltage reasonable. If Everest and cpu-z are accurate my cpu sits at 1.376v under load.
Hope it helps you out

Robust Graphics Booster - FAST
CPU Clock Ratio - 8.5X
CPU Host Frequency - 507
PCI Express Frquency - 100
C.I.A.2 - Disabled
CPU Clock Drive - 1000mV
PCI Express Clock Drive 1000mV
Clock skews are all set to 0PS.

****DRAM Performance Control****
Performance Enhance - Standard
Extreme Memory Profile - Disabled
(G) MCH Frequency Latch - Auto
System Memory Multiplier - 2.00B
DRAM Timing Selectable - Manual
>>>Standard Timing Control<<<
CAS Latency Time - 5
tRCD - 5
tRP - 5
tRAS - 15
>>>Advanced Timing Control<<<
tRRD - Auto
tWTR - Auto
tWR - Auto
tRFC - 55
tRTP - Auto
Command Rate - Auto (2)
>>>>Channel A Timing Settings
Static tRead Value - 9
Everything else is Auto
>>>>Channel B Timing Settings
Same as Chanel A.

****Motherboard Voltage Control****
Load Line Calibration - Enabled
CPU Vcore - 1.40625v
CPU Termination - 1.34V
CPU PLL - 1.57V
CPU Reference - .888V
MCH Core - 1.40V
MCH Reference - .928V
MCH/DRAM Refence - Auto
ICH I/O - Auto
ICH Core - Auto
DRAM Voltage - 2.100V
DRAM Termination - Auto
Channel A Reference - Auto
Channel B Reference - Auto

All CPU features disabled except for C1/C2/C4 and Vanderpool.
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