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Default Re: Blu-ray audio desync in 28900+ mplayer SVNs

Originally Posted by piotro View Post
Wrt post #1175 in this thread, I finally found direction where issue starts:

Issue is caused by refresh rate change. Namely:
-If TV refresh-rate is 50Hz - my BD rip having 23.976 plays OK (but of course with judder)
I will try to explain why I cannot reproduce those problems (and you are not the first one reporting them):
My screen has a refresh rate of 85 Hz, so some frames will always (for real-world samples) be shown more than once, but I do not see this as a disadvantage. So I do not understand why it is a problem for you to see >90% of all frames exactly twice and the rest at least once.
But as I said, you are not the only one who does not like this behaviour.
-When I automatically switch via XrandR refresh rate to 24Hz - no judder, but slow AV desync start to be present.
How do you notice? Are frames dropped? Does -framedrop help? -fps 24?
Did you try -demuxer lavf? -demuxer lavf -nocorrect-pts?
Is complete, uncut output of mplayer (preferably with sane configure line) available?
It looks like after approx mplayer SVN28900-29000 and nv newer than 180.60, we start to have different behavior regarding A/V synchronization.
A range of 100 revisions is not very helpful if you claim a regression (and since this is probably libavcodec-related, you will have to also provide its version - or a date).

Carl Eugen

PS: Are you sure this is VDPAU related?
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