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Default Re: Free Windows 7 Professional at launch events across the US

Originally Posted by HYBRID View Post
Hey NekroSoft props to you for the headsup on this event.
I attended the FL event yesterday it was pretty intersteting the only bummer is the free Win7 Ultimate that was handed out was only the 32bit version.

Not complaining its a freebie althought I took a day out of work to attend, just thought it was kind of chessy on Micro$oft end not to give out 64bit versions it isnt like they lose anymore by giving away 64 bit copies. Thanks again.

I attended in Minneapolis and it was the samel I was a bit disappointed with them only including the 32bit media/DVD.
The Key is retail and valid for Both/Either 32 or 64bit so you have the license and just need to get a copy of the 64bit media.
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