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Default Upgrading Core2Quad to Corei7, running gtx 275 SLI

Hello everyone,

I'm considering to upgrade from Q6600 OC-ed to 3.6 ghz on a 680i sli to Corei7 on X58, and I intend to keep two gtx 275's SLI-ed for the time being.
Does anybody have any idea if I will gain some additional FPS (especialy in Crysis) changing from 3.6 ghz Q6600 to Core i7 running between 3.6 - 4 ghz , which is what most people get on air cooling. That is on gtx 275 SLI.

EVGA 680i A1,BIOS P30
Core2Quad Q6600 G0 @ 3.6 Ghz (400 x 9), Ultra 120 eXtreme;Vcore 1.4125V
4 x 2GB Super Talent 800 Mhz
Leadtek GTX 275 SLI
WD Raptor 150 GB, WD 1TB SataII x 2
Lite On 20x SATA DVD-RW,Pioneer 111D DVD-RW
TT Toughpower 750W
Antec P180B,6 x 120 mm case fans
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