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Default Re: W7 Programs Updates

Originally Posted by einstein_314 View Post
What are you talking about seeker? Purchasing a sound card driver??
This is the one thing that doesn't make sense to me. When I Googled for a W7 driver for my Audigy card, I came across one by DanielK, which in the past was always free...apparently no longer. Creative does have a free download for W7, but there are portions of it that are the equalizer. Creative is "famous" for disabling their software, in order to promote sales of their newer cards. That is why DanielK came to the forefront, because he simply hacked their software to reenable items broken by Creative.

However, now the DanielK downloads have release notes stating that purchase and activation are required, and a link going to Creative for information. Going to that page, it speaks of some individual software features for purchase, but nothing that I could find regarding the DanielK download.

EDIT: I should clarify...perhaps I should have said software/driver, rather than just driver, because they are often combined.
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