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I watched the trailer and only saw a Games for Windows logo, no GFW Live logo, so there might not be any Games for Windows stuff to worry about if that's so important. I'm buying it so I guess I'll report back as fast as I can if there's any Games for Windows Live stuff in it.

Earlier in the week I watched some German gameplay videos on youtube and it looks like Gothic 3 except with slightly better graphics and while the animations looked worse than I hoped the combat looks a lot better since the enemies kept blocking the attacks and it seemed like it could have some depth, like Gothic 1 and 2 had and 3 didn't. They mentioned in some clips that you get improved combos and such when you level up the skills, so it seriously seems like this could be a great game.

Anyway I'm very happy that all the hype for the game was localized to Germany so the game just sort of popped up a week before release now. Since it's so cheap I'll get it on release day and I'll be sure to post a bunch of screenshots and impressions.
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