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Default Re: W7 Programs Updates

Originally Posted by Imbroglio View Post
Creative didn't "disable" anything. Vista handles audio completely different than XP, hence the lazy bastards at Creative never felt the need to update the older audigy drivers. Hell, even the original X-Fi drivers were POS. DanielK modified the crappy X-Fi drivers to work with audigy. As Creative kept fixing their current drivers, DanielK kept fixing the audigy... that is until Creative realized how many people were still using their audigy's in vista and got legal involved.

Also, just out of pure curiosity, The Bat!... really?! What is this 1997... Also isn't that the program you have to customize the default install so that all of your emails aren't immediately caught by corporate spam bots? If I'm not mistaken, it puts "The Bat!" in the header and numerous corporate spam filters automatically flag that as spam (or at least used to, remember hearing about that a while ago). just wondering? oh, maybe the company you work for uses it? that would make sense... although you said you purchased the personal version. You really get that many emails (like tens of thousands at a time?) or is it because it has PGP on the fly? most other clients have PGP plug-ins. just wondering why you don't grab pocomail or thunderbird? rather you put yourself throught he headache of the bat! where their constant updates are things like "smiley support" and "html sanitizer" then you have to pay for the next version in a year. as a software developer, I'd appreciate it if would you enlighten me to what's holds your interest.
I have no idea of what you are speaking of in terms of The Bat, because I have never run into any of the problems that you mentioned. It would be very difficult for me to explain exactly why I like the program so much, because it is unlike anything that I have tried before, therefore it would take a book to list the differences. No, it doesn't require buying a new version each year. My license lasted 2 years and only that short because I didn't buy it when the version was released, well before that.

EDIT: I have never had a problem with getting my emails out to any corporate dept that I'm aware of, and since I expect and get responses to most of my emails, I don't believe that the spam problem that you mentioned exists.
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