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Originally Posted by teox99 View Post

i decided to use it in front of your note about Sony's TV...
when i play 1080p watching the slow movie scenes of a film you can notice that is not 100% fluids.

this can help?
Display vsync rate to far from video rate, no syncing of speed 0 0 99%
A: 58.3 V: 58.3 A-V: -0.000 ct: -0.001 0/ 0 1% 1% 0.2% 0 0 48%

16 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0.000000 inf 16656.000000 0 Planet Earth - 06 - Mondi di ghiaccio [1080p, x264, ac3 ita-eng, subs] by GuglielmoDaBaskerville.mkv
The 16656 in the log is time between two vsyncs. It shows you are using a refresh rate
of 60hz. Your Planet Earth movie is probably at 25hz or 23.976 hz which is not close
enough to 30hz or 60hz to sync speed. That is why it says no syncing of speed.
Change the refresh rate of your TV to 50hz or 24hz, and then play the movie again.

To get a 25hz movie to work best with 60hz you would have to speed the movie up by 1.2.
But that much increase in speed would be easily noticeable by you and therefore not done.
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