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Default Re: W7 Programs Updates

Basically the Audigy / Xfi's have always had Dolby and DTS Decoding. Like When you play a DVD you had the option of the software (PowerDVD, WinDVD, VLC etc...) to decode the sound into multichannel or 5.1 format. Or you could send it to the card to decode it on the driver level. Its purely a software function as there is no Hardware decoders on board.
DDL and DTS connect allow you to run 1 cable via optical or coaxial output (spdif / depends on model of card) to get 5.1 sound. If you ran the cable via spdif output without DDL or DTS Connect you would only get 2.0 or stereo sound in all things except for items that had a Dolby Digital or DTS ready to be decoded. So in essence, it'll allow you to run 1 cable to get 5.1 or multichannel sound in games and such rather than the usual 3. It wont take a simple stereo signal and convert it to 5.1 alone, that's what the other options are for (CMSS, Stereo Xpander etc). Though those options will usually sound like crap compared to a true multichannel signal.
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