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Default 190.36: fried the DVI-D port on 9500GT card

My Myth box has a Sparkle 1GB 9500GT graphics card.

Or rather, *had* such a card until I installed the 190.36 driver package. Now that card no longer works.

I stopped X11, installed the full 190.36 package from Nvidia's FTP site, and then typed "X" to restart the X-server. The screen went blank, and the system became unresponsive.

The DVI-D port on this card no longer functions. The VGA port *sometimes* functions, but I have not yet figured out what makes it work and what makes it fail.

Any suggestions from the Nvidia guys, before I RMA it ?

Meanwhile, the system is alive again, but with an 8400GS card, and the latest 185.* driver.

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