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OMG, get this.

So we go at lunch yesterday and he buys a new Epox-8k3a mobo (85$ USD Not bad for a KT333 Mobo) with a new AXP 2000+.

I Bring everthing home and get to work on it right away. Well i finish installing the new mobo and cpu with his New Volcano 9 as the HSF, i boot up windows and luckily everything works fine even with a different motherboard. Run 3dmark and he gets 10,500 with his GF4 TI4600.

Sooooo i call him and he comes right away to pick up the system. About 3 hours later the phone rings. Now He tells me he was trying to install the Thermaltake Ram Cooling kit he also bought yesterday and now as soon as he powers on the system, it starts Beeping and the Diagnostic LED is stuck on the C1 code which means a memory error. I told him to make sure the Memory is properly seated, he try again in the second bank with the same result, and now he says he is smelling that same smell when he burnt his CPU the day before.

Next Day, well im at work now and had a chance to try one of my own peices of Memory and i also get the C1 error in all three banks. Looks like its time for another motherboard.
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