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Default Re: Free Windows 7 Professional at launch events across the US

Just got back from the Phoenix one. All in all was pretty worth the 40 mile drive (round trip of course, 20mi each way) got some free breakfast and a free copy of win 7 ultimate (was expecting pro.) Got even more than I bargained for I guess Not bad for 3 hours and $7 in gas.

Sadly like everybody else though, only the 32-bit disc was included. So that said, does anybody know the md5sum or sha1sum of the RTM 64-bit disc? I have a feeling MS has posted it to one of their technet forums.

EDIT: Quick search yielded this sha1sum for the 64-bit ultimate disc: 326327cc2ff9f05379f5058c41be6bc5e004baa7

Can any of our resident MSDN technet subscribers confirm that? I've already started downloading a torrent based on that but will wait til confirmation before using it.
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