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i predict that Nv30 will be able to show Final fantasy as close as 9/10 of the real thing in real time which will be impressive
You really dont have a clue on how complicated movie scense are then if you make a statement like that. Taken from;

Here are some of the stats on the FF movie:

Number of Sequences = 36
Number of Shots = 1,336
Number of Layers = 24,606
Number of Final Renders (Assuming that > everything was rendered once) = 2,989,318
Number of Frames in the Movie = 149,246
Average number of shots per sequence = 37.11
Average number of rendered layers per shot = 18.42
Average number of frames per shot = 111.71
Estimated average number of render revisions = 5
Estimated average render time per frame = 90 min
Shot with the most layers = (498 layers)
Shot with the most frames = (1899 frames)
Shot with the most renders [layers * frames] = (60160 renders)
Sequence with the most shots = (162 shots)
Sequence with the most layers = AIR (4353 layers)
Sequence with the most frames = (13576 frames)
Using the raw data (not the averages) it all adds up to 934,162 days of render time on one processor. Keep in mind that we had a render farm with approximately 1,200 procs.

And this is going to run even close to real time on the nV30? Rrrriiiiigggghhhhtttttt
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